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Bathymetric Solutions

Leverage Drone & Bot based underwater mapping capabilities for strategic planning and coordination of subsurface activities.

Aerial Innovations

About the Sector

Combining drones, bots, and bathymetric sensors enables precise mapping of underwater terrain, facilitating effective planning for submerged activities. Additionally, this integrated approach aids in the efficient extraction of underwater debris, enhancing environmental management and operational safety.

Data collection

Drawing on expertise in bathymetric data collection via drones and underwater crawling bots, our seasoned team effectively plans efficient mapping routes for accurate underwater terrain analysis. Our experience ensures meticulous execution, facilitating comprehensive mapping and strategic decision-making in aquatic environments.

Survey Reporting

Our skilled GIS experts proficiently process bathymetric lidar data to generate precise terrain models, contour maps, and tailored project deliverables. With our extensive experience, we ensure meticulous analysis, providing invaluable insights for diverse applications in aquatic environments.

Defence Tech


Elevate Your Underwater Operations with Our Expertise in 3D Mapping, Debris Excavation, and Asset Inspection

3D Mapping

Utilizing advanced technology, our team efficiently crafts accurate 3D maps, couture maps and longitudinal cross sections, enabling the identification of underwater anomalies, hostile structures, and the assessment of underwater asset health, empowering informed decision-making for underwater operations and management.
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Excavation of Underwater Debris

Employing underwater crawling bots with excavators, Drone Entry aids in clearing accumulated debris that could impede underwater assets and compromise harbor area efficiency. Our specialized technology enables efficient debris removal, ensuring optimal functionality and safety of maritime infrastructure
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Underwater Asset Inspection

We offer underwater bathymetric solutions, enabling efficient monitoring of submerged assets and facilitating timely maintenance interventions. Leveraging advanced technology, we ensure comprehensive data collection and analysis to safeguard the integrity and functionality of underwater infrastructure.
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