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Publish your work and maintain knowledge of regulations across different airspaces and countries as well.


Connect your profile to our industry job portal partners. Connect with drone brands and achieve discounts via showcasing higher competency level.


Build knowledge and connect with other industry network of pilots to bid for jobs together and grow your skills, experience and pilot career

How to create your profile?

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Complete Profile Information
  • Get your account verified
  • Complete your pilot profile 100% and get verified badge
  • Share your public profile with other industry stakeholders
Add Competency and Certificate
  • Share your skills/competency which you would like to get endorsed by your co-pilot or employer you worked with.
  • Add Certificate that you achieved through ground-school training or your Pilot license.
  • Keep track of your documents within the dashboard and keep an electronically copy.
Add Drone Type & Projects
  • This will allow you to share the drones you know how to fly and the projects you have attempted or completed.
  • Keep track of your documents within the dashboard and keep an electronically copy.

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This profile allows you (the user) to have an online portfolio that lists your skillsets, projects you have worked on and accomplishments you have achieved. It also enable you to connect, share your knowledge and learn from experiences of other pilots.
The skillset display allows you to showcase your knowledge and level of competency in using a certain equipment, tool or software. This will help you showcase your performance with that particular tool or skill. Furthermore, this allows your drone pilot connections to endorse the skills you have listed in order to gain further reliability and legitimacy.
The users’ connections approve their skills, which results in the users’ competence being recognised for their specializations. It allows for the users connections to recommend and promote the user for a particular skill without the need of having to write a recommendation.
We are committed to meeting our legal obligation and helping our customers become compliant. We've made some key policy, product and term updates on an on going basis. This means all of our customer's personal data is in good hands. We organize our data that support GDPR and allow our users to authorize the data they want to sync from other third party platforms they are using to build their credibility on our platform.
We are working hard on collaborating with our industry API partners to get the integration done. We have a couple of other industry software suites that can integrate with our platform which should help you auto sync your data from those suites. Email us at : dev@droneentry.com with a software integration requests!
Yes, the projects section allows the drone operator to share their work experience and the way the DroneEntry dashboard formats this section will help the drone operator by providing extensive details which is optional to the operator to share publicly or privately.
We have 3 levels of privacy:
  • Level 1 : Keep all the information private
  • Level 2 : Share within your chosen network
  • Level 3 : Share with only a specific organization
DroneEntry is working on building bridges across the drone ecosystem. From ground school to our platform and to commercialization.
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