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About us

DroneEntry is a platform for drone pilots to manage their profiles and portfolios. DroneEntry is working to bring together all drone industry stakeholders on an innovative new platform centered around the idea of verified profiles and proof-of-work. Pilots use DroneEntry as a tool to build a credible profile and track record, while companies get a one-stop portal to recruit talent for their project needs.

How the dashboard works?


Type of Drones

This section lets you state all the types of drone you have worked with or are currently using. It mentions the use & knowledge for the software associated with the equipment such as sensors, camera in other words any type of payload modifications.


The drone pilot can list in detail all the work experience they have performed using specific tools, equipment, & software for a particular drone. It allows their connections, recruiters, & companies to get a better understanding of the type of work they have been exposed to as a commercial pilot or even a hobbyist.



Get a chance to expand your scope. Connect, learn from & share each others’ experiences, country regulations, projects, specific skills & more.


Learn from Industry leaders & other drone operators from around the world on various softwares & tools used for different applications. There is always new information & tools being released everyday.

Pre-Flight Request

This feature will help you automate your preflight paperwork process to Transport Canada or FAA by sending notification requests of changes made on payloads of your drones.

Profiling Drone Pilots Across all Industries


Surveying and Mapping




Civil Infrastructure


Power & Utilities


Precision Agriculture


RC Racing


Aerial Photography


What is the use of having this profile?

This profile allows you (the user) to have an online portfolio that lists your skillsets, projects you have worked on & accomplishments you have achieved. It also enable you to connect, share your knowledge & learn from experiences of other pilots.

What does the skillset display show?

The skillset display allows you to showcase your knowledge & level of competency in using a certain equipment, tool or software. This will help you showcase your performance with that particular tool. Furthermore, this allows your drone pilot connections to endorse the skills you have listed in order to gain further reliability & legitimacy.

Why do I need to get endorsed?

The users connections approve their skills, this allows for the users’ competence to get recognized for their specializations. It allows for the users connections to recommend & promote the user for a particular skill without the need of having to write a recommendation.

Where it is safe to fly?

Safe flying zones also known as designated zones are the recommended paths provided by commercial or hobbyist pilots to ensure that a novice pilot or a pilot visiting another country can navigate their drones safely without the risk of entering a restricted zone, which may incur in a penalty leading to a fine. These designated flying zones can be found through various drone apps.

Is the “Projects” field same as work experience field?

Yes, the projects section allows the drone operator to share about their work experience & the way DroneEntry Dashboard format’s this section, will help the drone operator, provide extensive details which is optional to the operator to share publicly or privately.

What privacy policy do we have?

We have 3 levels of privacy:
Level 1 : Keep all the information private
Level 2 : Share within your chosen network
Level 3 : Share with only a specific organization

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