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What we do?

Remote Sensing/GIS/Data Processing
We specialize in remote sensing, GIS, and data processing services, using drones to collect, analyze data, and deliver geospatial solutions.
Satellite & UAV Data Solutions
We provide comprehensive UAV software, services, and satellite data processing for specialized needs like crop health and change detection & more.
Software as a Tool (SaaT) for Pilots & Enterprises
We create software tools for drone pilots and enterprises, streamlining operations, data management, and analysis for efficient drone use.
Geospatial Outputs and Solutions
We provide geospatial outputs and solutions across industries, enhancing results in areas like agriculture, defence, environment, construction & more.
Transforming Industries

Transformative Drone Solutions

Our expertise lies in delivering advanced drone solutions tailored to diverse industries, optimizing processes and unlocking new opportunities through aerial innovation.

Drone Tech

Explore the space of Drone Technology, where advanced unmanned aerial systems transform capabilities in surveillance, mapping, and industrial applications.

Defence Tech

Embark on an immersive journey into the realm of advanced defence technology with Drone Entry, where innovation meets security to redefine the future of aerial defence solutions.

Space Tech

Explore the cosmos with Drone Entry's groundbreaking advancements in space technology, pushing the boundaries of exploration and discovery.

About Drone Entry

Thailand’s First Deep Tech Drone Company

Drone Entry Thailand is a premier Drone Solution Provider headquartered in Bangkok, specializing in offering comprehensive solutions tailored for Enterprise, Defence, and Academic sectors.

Our mission is to facilitate seamless integration of drone technology across various industries, empowering organizations to leverage its potential for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

With our comprehensive solutions and unwavering dedication to excellence, we are poised to be your trusted partner in navigating the evolving landscape of drone technology.

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Dive into the latest news and events shaping the future of drones, ensuring you're always informed and prepared to take flight into the future of aerial innovation.

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