Create your Drone Dashboard style profile to list all your skillsets, projects, & technical expertise. Have a central hub place to show-off your knowledge & experience.


Endorsement allows their connections to endorse the competencies they have listed in order to gain further credibility. Endorsement can be issued by a company or an individual.


This feature allows users to gain badges for the level they have reached in certain skills, as well as any additional credentials they have attained such as the following:

  • Verified Flight Hours
  • Project Verification
  • Certification ( SFOC, Canadian), FLIGHT 107, American, CASA, Australian, ENAC, Italy, France, UK
  • Insurance


The competencies display helps drone pilots showcase their knowledge and proficiency in using various equipments, tolls and software.

Social Flight Zone

There are authorized and unauthorized zones but what about the social zones where you can meet other drone operators flying in your area? DroneEntry’s Social Zoning maps will allow commercial operators to understand and be aware of the hobbyist flying zones.
This feature will allow our users to vote as a community or city wise a geo location to choose to fly for a specific period of time in a day. This allows group to fly in a selected area by submitted a group request to the respective authorities.