Pilot Management

  • Keep track of all the pilots within the company and freelance pilots.
  • Select a pilot to see all their current, completed and cancelled projects.
  • Monitor the pilots under purview to increase efficiency and time management for projects.

Project Management

  • See and keep track of all projects that are currently underway or completed.
  • See the top pilots and who is attached to and working on the project.
  • New projects can also be added from this window.

Paper Management

  • Allow managers and pilots to see documentations related to certain projects and clients.
  • Ease of access within the Enterprise Dashboard.
  • Keep track of project details, contracts and any other supporting documentation for project efficiency and on time completion.

Client Management

  • Track different clients and the projects associated with them.
  • Keep up with different client contacts when new projects come up and when current project are due.
  • Allow an Enterprise group to stay up to date with the latest information required.

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