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Discover Cubesats through Drone Entry's comprehensive solutions, offering versatile and efficient data capture. Our Cubesats are cost-effective and agile, serving various applications from research to Earth monitoring, providing an economical option for orbital exploration.

Established in 2017

Who We Are

Drone Entry introduces advanced space technology solutions, committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation for your projects. Our focus is on delivering unparalleled advancements that promise to transform your endeavors, harnessing the power of space technology

Conceptualization and Customization

Tailor your Cubesat solution to unique mission objectives through collaborative discussions and detailed analysis.
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Design and Engineering

Transform your vision into reality with innovative Cubesat designs, leveraging cutting-edge technology for maximum performance and reliability.
Design and Engineering - CubeSats

Integration and Testing

Ensure the success of your mission with rigorous testing procedures, verifying functionality and integrity under harsh space conditions.
Integration and Testing - CubeSats

Launch Coordination and Deployment

Drone Entry manages every aspect of the launch process, coordinating with providers for a seamless integration and safe deployment into orbit.
Launch Coordination and Deployment - CubeSat

Mission Operations and Data Management

Our mission operations team provides round-the-clock support, managing data collection, telemetry reception, and command execution for precise mission objectives.
Mission Operations and Data Management- CubeSats

Post-Mission Analysis and Support

Maximize the value of your Cubesat mission with comprehensive post-mission analysis, troubleshooting, and insights for future missions.
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Earth Observation
Technology Demonstration
Scientific Research
Communication Enhancement

Our Expertise

Drone Entry excels in the design, construction, and operation of high-quality Cubesats. Enjoy tailored solutions with a wide array of cutting-edge sensors and components, including Cubesat platforms, communication systems, antennas, onboard computers, power modules, solar panels, structure, and ground support.

Case Study

Empowering Africa's space endeavour with Cubesats

DroneAcharya- Parent company of Drone Entry is working on solidifying its role as a System Integrator for groundbreaking 3U and 6U Cubesats, contributing significantly to Africa's foray into space exploration.

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